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Senta Čermáková

Director of Innovation at Deloitte

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Senta graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague, specializing in bio cybernetics. Technology has accompanied her entire professional life, most of her career, she spent working for Hewlett-Packard. In 2011, she became the first woman awarded in the Manager of the Year competition.

Presently, Senta is working as a Director of Innovation at Deloitte Czech Republic. She focuses on the development of the firm’s strategic projects and engages in social innovations in education and mentoring. She also highly focuses on working with Generation Z and teaches critical thinking in futurology as part of the CEMS international program at the University of Economics in Prague.


Listen to her talk: How to think about your own thinking.


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Ilona Koren-Deutsch

Technical Writer at Twitch

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Ilona works at Twitch, where she documents external developer APIs and Extensions. Before joining Twitch, she worked for companies such as Pinterest, documenting their advertising APIs and Samsung SmartThings, documenting developer APIs. She is also lead Organizer for Write the Docs Bay Area. A University of Pennsylvania graduate, she is passionate about encouraging girls to pursue STEM careers, and volunteers with Girls Who Code and Black Girls Code. She is currently researching the ways in which diversity and inclusion in documentation teams lead to better documentation and increased user satisfaction.


Listen to her talk: Why is documentation important.




Katja Minitsenka

Actions on Google Program Manager

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Katja lives for a good challenge, both professional and personal; educated in Russia, Germany, and the United States, Katja speaks five languages and works on a Google Assistant |Actions on Google team, that brings 3rd party apps and capabilities to Google Assistant. Her current challenge is to bring Google Assistant into Space. A proud UC Berkeley alumni, with Political Science major, Katja is passionate about technology, politics, and the vast reach both have in our lives, which she passionately explores in her free time.

Katja is an accomplished outdoors sportswoman, passionate about alpine skiing, mountain biking, climbing, adventure running and is finalizing her plans to circumnavigate the Italian peninsula in a 2,000 mile sailing-only endeavor.


Listen to her talk: Deep Space Technology.




Riya Jagetia

Product Manager at Cognite

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My name is Riya Jagetia. I studied Computer Science Engineering at MIT and have work experience in India, Brussels, London, and Oslo. I have worked in investment management, management consulting, and in operational roles at two high-growth startups. Currently, I’m a product manager working on a user-facing application at a tech startup in Norway that aims to disrupt traditional industrial data management systems. I enjoy reading, writing, and working out in my free time.


Listen to her talk: Data & Morality.




Dita Přikrylová

CEO & Founder ve společnosti Czechitas

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Dita Prikrylova is a co-founder and (cheer)leader of non-profit organization Czechitas, that is inspiring and educating women and youth in IT skills. She is graduate from Masaryk University, System engineering and Applied computer science degree. Besides Czechitas she co-founded a project called Academy of programming powered by Microsoft focused on bringing youth to STEM careers, Powercoders, a swiss project teaching refugees coding and Datagirls concept, a community introducing women to data analytics worldwide. Her passion is education, innovations, technology, social entrepreneurship, kitesurfing and many adrenalin adventures.

She will moderate the panel: Social Impact Startups and also speak about “How to kick off your tech career”.

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Iskra Rizovská

Associate Project Manager at IBM

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Iskra is an ambassador of Women in Tech Macedonia and a restless enthusiast for technology that turns passion into action.

Her daily challenges are Kubernetes, Python and Java where she saw an excellent opportunity to start preparing for a tech-career. Therefore, she has become a member of Coding Girls global network. She is an Internal IBM teacher and was named one of the Brand ambassadors in IBM. Via blogging, she helps her fellow women in tech to level up by sharing inspirational success stories. She doesn’t miss major tech events such as WeAreDevelopers in Vienna and believes in the power of building a social capital.


She currently is in IBM where she is devoted to Project Management and programming.


Iskra is one of the panelists of My Way to Tech.




Klára Štouračová

Co-founder of makeITtoday

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M.S. Klára Štouračová (32) graduated from Lindenwood University in the U.S. where she earned her Master’s in Human Resource Management. She worked in the HR field in the U.S. for one year before returning to Prague and started to work in HR in Tech companies. In 2017 she co-founded makeITtoday, where children are given the space to develop and enhance their creativity through computer programming. Besides computer programming and digital skills, the focus is also on the development of often overlooked soft skills such as a project presentation, sharing of ideas, as well as collaboration.


She will be part of the panel: Social Impact Startups.




Sunethra Boyinova

Co-founder toFood. app

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Sunethra was born in Prague and has Srilankan-Indian roots. Currently works in Barcelona as a Product Lead at a data-driven start-up Datumize. She also co-founded toFood. app (a marketplace which connects travellers and natives over homemade food). Previously, she lead the product development and marketing teams of LGBTQ dating apps at STRV. She is active as a Global Shaper (WEF initiative) and when having free time, she volunteers in a dog shelters organisation.


She will be part of the panel: Social Impact Startups.


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Jessica Hester

Senior Software Engineer at Netflix

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Jessica is a senior software engineer at Netflix on the big data platform team. She builds a variety of tools for Netflix employees to run data analyses, manage data, and make business decisions. Recently, she’s been working on building a GraphQL data model and API for the big data platform. Before Netflix, she worked at SpaceX on the flight software team working on data platform tools and on ground and flight systems.


Listen to her talk: Graph based APIs for Big Data at Netflix.




Pavla Lokajová

Co-founder of The Future Farm

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A journalist focused on the future of work and sustainable businesses, Pavla has been actively re-designing her career from burnout ex-startup owner to a balanced entrepreneur and found passion in helping people restore their wellbeing and find meaningful careers in the overwhelming and accelerating hi-tech era through The Future Farm.

The Future Farm is a place for a meaningful career design with a focus on your long term wellbeing, all mental, emotional and physical. Founded by a Slovak, a Czech and a Pakistani-British-American, it provides people with a synthesis of the most cutting-edge methodologies, fresh thinking and accessible tools. It is a hub for immersive practical learning guided by a diverse group of experts and holistic wellbeing practitioners. The Future Farm connects like-minded people, businesses and technology around the world to design career-shifts for the 21st century.


Pavla is one of the panellists of  Social Impact Startups.


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Věrka Koukalová

Womenwill Lead for Czech Republic and Marketing Strategist

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10+ years of experience in marketing and leadership. From serving fries in McDonald’s through leading the largest team in No.1 agency in Czech Republic (H1.cz) a being a Googler to HR consulting with focus on happiness management and company culture and development. Google Partners Trainer, GBG Prague Org, Womenwill Lead for Czech Republic. Proud wife and mom.


Attend her workshop: Womenwill: Leadership & Imposter Syndrome.


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Anna Drgová

IP & ICT Lawyer at SimpleLaw

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Anna is a lawyer at SimpleLaw working on projects for IT and marketing clients merging personal data protection in electronic communication, a setting of legal schemes for e-commerce businesses, trademarks, ICT contracts for cloud computing or copyright protection for software developers. She has co-founded GeekLaw, which is a non-profit project that combines law, technologies, and creativity and brings advanced topic of lawtech to the Czech Republic, during her LLM studies of Law and Technology in the Netherlands last year. She is persuaded that lawyers must be unevitably more IT-oriented and that the law and technology should not be a specialization but rather become a standard in the legal industry in a decade.


Listen to her talk: My Way to Tech


Dagmar Wiesnerova

UX Designer at Oracle

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Dagmar is a walking proof you need zero tech background to land a job in tech. After three years in the field of UX, she still marvels how UX design connected all the dots in her life – be it her studies, any of her previous work experience or her interest in game design.
She currently works as a UX Designer at Oracle NetSuite. “Her” part of the system, manufacturing, helps people produce physical products like furniture or craft beers, which makes her very happy. Last year, she and some of her colleagues joined forces with an NGO, Podané ruce, to design and develop a mobile app to help drug addicts and homeless people with daily lives.


Dagmar is one of the panelists in Social Impact Startups.




Sofiya Huts

Software Engineer at Microsoft

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Sofiya’s top priority is building inclusive software so all people in the world can use applications despite the impairments they may have. By having 5 year experience in software engineering, Sofiya has been lately working with Web Technologies, mainly focusing on creating accessible components. In free time, she goes to conferences to share the experience and knowledge.


Listen to her talk: Accessible product – built for everyone.


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Tereza Bartoníčková

Founder of the Internet Institute

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Tereza is a founder of the Internet Institute in Czech republic that connects the private sector, academia and the government and raises awareness about complex issues in our digitalised world. She founded the think-tank based NGO during her studies at the Oxford Internet institute (University of Oxford). Throughout her career she worked in agencies, as a freelancer and in bigger corporations such as Google. Her current focus is in ethical and legal implications of AI and the fight for protecting human autonomy and rights online.


Listen to her talk: Ethics, why bother?


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Kristi Progri

Program Coordinator at GNOME Foundation

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Kristi Progri is the Program Coordinator of the GNOME Foundation and a Mozilla Tech Speaker.

She has worked with the Diversity and Inclusion team in Mozilla as part of a program which aims to offer opportunities to under-represented groups in Open Source and Free Software communities.

She is a graduate in International Affairs & Diplomacy and is doing the Masters degree in Information Systems Security.


Listen to her talk: Diversity in Free Software communities.




Vladimíra Mašindová

Agile Coach at Kentico

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Scrum master and Agile enthusiast with experience from Seznam.cz and Kentico.  Started her career at journalism than focused on marketing research and decided to switch for IT in her mid 30´s. Mother of two who still sees a lot of exciting opportunities ahead.


Vladimíra is one of the panellists in My Way to Tech.




Anastasia Shvestova

Managing Partner at M&A PR studio

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Anastasia Shvetsova is a managing partner in M&A PR studio. Anastasia is one of the most trusted public relations and communications professionals in the technology industry, having worked with web giants such as Facebook, PayPal, Houzz, WeWork and others. Today, her public relations agency helps to lead the way for the best and brightest teams in blockchain and cryptocurrency, including SingularityNET, Blackmoon Financial Group, Jibrel Network, Ripio and others. Previously, she was Head of Communications at the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, as well as a former journalist with Forbes Magazine. She also runs the biggest non-profit tech/crypto conference in Russia. According to The Next Web Anastasia is one of the most well-known women in crypto.


Listen to her talk: Capturing Unicorn-Tier Mindshare.


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Barbora Bühnova

Associate Professor at Masaryk University and Tech Director at Czechitas

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Bara is an Associate Professor at Masaryk University (MU), Faculty of Informatics (FI) in Brno. Following her academic stays at University of Karlsruhe and Research Center for Information Technology (FZI) in Karlsruhe, Germany, and later at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, she now leads multiple research teams at Faculty of Informatics MU (teams on software architecture, smart cities), the Institute of Computer Science MU (team on big data analytics), and Czech CyberCrime Centre of Excellence C4e (team on critical infrastructures). Next to her academic activities, she is part of a strategic team running the Czechitas non-profit organisation aiming at making IT skills more accessible to youth and women of any age, which is where her heart is.


She will be one of the hosts of the Forum on Women in Tech.


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Dominika Hustinová

QA Tester at Kiwi.com

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Dominika has been a part of Kiwi.com family for almost 3 years. Starting as a Booking Agent, then helping customers at Customer Support, she discovered her passion for IT and became QA Tester. After finishing her studies of Mathematical and Statistical Methods she decided not to pursue her career as a Data Scientists but rather use her science background and love for Mathematics in more technical world and explore new opportunities and challenges.


Attend her workshop: The perks of using design system in frontend development.


Jana Pelclová

Customer Success Management Leader at Kentico

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Jana has been leading a growing team of Customer Success Managers in Kentico for a year and a half, she has been hiring people, setting strategies, helping her team members grow and be successful in their positions. Customer Success Management is quite an unknown and new job position, which could be really interesting for IT-oriented professionals who do not wish to be programmers, but orient themselves more towards people and relationships instead.


Listen to her talk: Customer Success Management.


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Žana Flander

Junior Frontend Developer at Kiwi.com

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Žana decided for a career change and went from zero frontend knowledge to being Junior frontend developer at Kiwi.com in one year, just after completing a frontend web development nanodegree at Udacity. Her main focus is refactoring Manage my booking module from Stylus into Kiwi.com’s design system Orbit components in ReactJS framework.


Attend her workshop: The perks of using design system in frontend development.


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Dorota Burešová

People Manager at IBM

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Dorota is a People manager at IBM. She is originally a teacher of Spanish language and worked as a customer support agent, project manager, team leader and a couple of more roles but some kind of teaching has been there always – no matter if it was a training for newcomers, language academy for colleagues or teaching Spanish to chatbots. She’s passionate about getting involved in any kind of volunteering activities (charity events, workshops for students, etc.).


Attend her workshop: Build your own chatbot.




Devleena Bhattacharjee

Founder of Numer8

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Devleena Bhattacharjee, a serial entrepreneur and a Data Scientist. She has 14+ years of experience in building data enabled product with a special penchant in using data to solve real-world problems.

Numer8 is her second venture after Woocation. Numer8 helps businesses take better and more effective decision by making better sense of their business data.

QresQ is one of her other projects got selected by the European Space Agency Copernicus Program 2018. QresQ is building a global disaster management application.

Also, in February 2019, OFISH , a project on ocean observation was selected as the top 5 global applications by United Nation’s World Food Program.


Listen to her talk: How data can save lives.




Jéssica Lins

Software Developer at Ecosia

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Since discovering that she could customize her own blog by writing curious HTML, Jéssica knew that she wanted to work with computers and programming languages.

After completing her studies in Brazil and getting the chance to take part in an exchange program in Italy, today she is based in Berlin, working mainly with backend development, using Go and Python.

She always wanted to apply her programming skills towards a greener planet and she is happy that she can do that by working at Ecosia.


Attend her workshop: Getting started with GO.




Jessica Greene

Software Developer at Ecosia

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A career changer, Jessica is a self taught/ community taught developer. An active community member she is involved in groups such as PyLadies, Open Source Diversity and Women Who Go. She fell in love with GO at the Berlin Chapter of WWG Ultimate Go workshop with Bill Kennedy in March last year and has not looked back since. Since joining Ecosia in October last year she has been able to put her passion into practice and at the same time help plant trees around the world.


Attend her workshop: Getting started with GO.
She will also be one of the panellists of My Way to Tech.


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Marina Pantcheva

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Marina was born to a Bulgarian father and a Persian mother in a home full of Russian books. Pairing her multilingual background with an eccentric childhood dream, Marina learned 11 languages … and still counting. After working as a language teacher, interpreter, translator, and running her own language school, Marina turned to exploring the elementary particles of language in her PhD and post-doctoral research on Nanosyntax. In 2014, she exchanged the tranquil academic world for the high-paced world of localization and currently leads a Translation Community project at RWS Moravia.


Listen to her talk: Street lamps, wind speed and babies: a polyglot’s journey to Big Data.




Hristina Racheva

Localisation Product Manager at Skyscanner

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I‘m a Localisation Product Manager with passion for languages, writing and user experience. I currently lead localisation efforts at Skyscanner where I focus on evangelisation, globalisation strategy, workflows optimisation and optimal experience for our global users. I’m a strong believer in the power of building communities to share learnings and support each other: I co-organise a Localisation Meetup in Barcelona and co-lead an online community that supports university graduates and professionals entering the localisation industry. A global citizen at heart, I speak 5 languages and have lived in 10 countries.


Listen to her talk: Localisation strategies for global success.


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Tereza Lišková

PR and Communications Executive at Kiwi.com

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Tereza works in Kiwi.com as the PR and Communications Executive. Prior to joining Kiwi.com, she has worked in Honeywell and Microsoft Czech Republic as the Executive Assistant to General Managers of both firms. Apart from her EA duties, Tereza managed Internal Communication and organized many of the company’s corporate events, holding the role of an organizer as well as a moderator. At the moment, besides her Kiwi.com responsibilities, Tereza lectures English and runs marketing activities for her family business. She is a keen traveller, loves nature, yoga and is determined to get her flying licence this year.


She will be one of the hosts of the Forum on Women in Tech.




Karolína Presová

Founder of Replug Me

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Karolína Presová trains about digital well-being in companies and organises workshops for parents, teachers and kids. Her approaches help people to eliminate time online and the negative effects of overuse of digital technology.

She consulted digital well-being in Asia for a year where especially companies struggle with digital overload and its negative effects on their employees and effectivity. You could read about Karolina`s workshops in Respekt magazine, Lidové noviny or hear many interviews in Český rozhlas which whom she collaborated on the project of digital detox.


Attend her workshop: Digital well-being and how to handle digital overload.




Dominika Bula

Agile Practitioner and Technical Project Manager at Red Hat

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Dominika is Agile Practitioner and enthusiastic participant of Agile and DevOps Community of Practice at Opensource.com. Her typical workday includes coaching Multiple Development Teams and their Product Owners. Come over to say “Hi!” and learn more about how to become more adaptive and how to strengthen the delivery of valuable products.


Listen to her talk: Scrum – How to organize multiple development teams.




Zuzana Kočárová

Marketing Manager at Czechitas

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Zuzka focuses on marketing in all its forms and shapes. In her free time she spends time with her friends and family and discovers new places all around the world.

At Czechitas, she manages marketing for the whole Czech Republic. She takes care of their online and offline communication channels and oversees the integrity of Czechitas brand presentation.

Moreover, she considers herself a bit of an acrobat – practising acro yoga, partner acrobatics and teaching kids in a theatre club. Anyway, you need a bit of juggling in the marketing field as well.


Attend her workshop: Behind the Scenes of Czechitas Facebook and Instagram.




Adéla Krátká

Data Analyst at Intelligent Technologies

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Adéla studied math and economics at Masaryk University. She works as a data analyst for Intelligent Technologies, a small company from Brno and she’s also a lecturer for Czechitas. Her focus is on visualizations, data cleaning and reporting.


Attend her workshop: Introduction to Data Analysis.




Michal Kučera

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Michal is a 21 years old IT student at Mendel University. I am interested in IT, project management, personal productivity and public speaking. I am cooperating with several companies like Czechitas or Microsoft.


Attend his workshop: Intro into the world of IT.